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                cncsys.com under construction

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                Domain is Real Brand

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                Why am I here?

                We welcome your visit.

                Your active visit is due to your active domain name entry, which illustrates the natural advantages of domain names.

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                This is a planned website and is privately owned and has nothing to do with any company, brand, product, service, trademark that you may be familiar with.

                This unfortunate example also illustrates the natural advantages of good domain names.

                How much shall I offer?

                DNJournal.com is a great place to learn about the value of domain names. They publish weekly and yearly sales chart. You can also look through archives of previous years sales . This site is useful to understand the domain market as a whole.

                We have helped several customers secure their dream brands, from start-up teams to unicorn enterprises, from several thousands US dollars to several millions.

                If your offer is too low, we cannot guarantee a reply.

                Moreover, money is not everything here - Most domain names are for own use and not for sale.

                How about the domain escrow?

                We will use 4.cn or Escrow.com Domain Concierge Service .

                You are always free to transfer the domain to your favourite registrar.

                Will the domain price arise over time?

                Domains rise in value over time as do all assets.

                Why some domains are not for sale?

                Money is not everything.

                • 成交价2亿!极品域名Voice.com强势登顶排行榜!

                • $30 Million Sale of Voice.com Sets New Record for Highest Cash Price Paid for a Domain
                  Voice.com has changed hands for $30 million. The news came in a press release from seller MicroStrategy Inc. (NASDAQ: MSTR). The buyer was Block.one, a company that is using Voice.com to launch its new blockchain-based social media platform called Voice.
                • 新机房,新线路!

                  我们的服务器基于双路E5 CPU和SSD硬盘阵列,采用定制缓存系统和实时更新的防火墙,确保稳定安全、万无一失。

                • Ad Practitioners LLC acquires Money.com for a reported $20 million
                  The New York Post reported that Money.com was sold for $20 million. What’s left of 47-year-old Money magazine has been sold to a 3-year-old digital startup run by a former Google executive.
                  Money has sold its surviving brand, Money.com, to Ad Practitioners LLC, based in Dorado, Puerto Rico. Terms were not disclosed, but sources say the brand went for just over $20 million.

                DISCLAIMER 免责声明及忠告:

                This domain cncsys.com is under construction / upgrading, and it is a generic, multiple-meaning, non-commercial and personal domain, which is not connected or affiliated with any company, organization or trademark. The web page is being used by its domain owner solely for domain name resolution and spam-filtered & protected inbound communications, as well as preparation for the future project. It does not offer/sell any commodities or services. Furthermore, you get no express nor implied statement that the domain cncsys.com is for sale. Any information provided in the form and web page does not constitute an offer to sell this domain, and the registrant of this domain is not otherwise stating any intention to sell the name. In fact, most domain names are for own use and not for sale, no one here relies on it either.

                If you think your arrival is unexpected, please recheck or use search engines.

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                DomainStaff.com securely maintains and manages thousands of domain name assets of some top Internet investors, with a market value of several million US dollars. Although we are extremely low-key, we have been in domain business since 1999, more experienced than most people in the world. We provide domain name and website security, operation and maintenance, consulting and IP services. In addition, we have helped sell several domain names with a total amount of nearly $ 10 million. They have been successfully applied to the official websites of domestic and foreign unicorns, listed companies, financial institutions, successful companies and teams, affecting every corner of the world.

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